Reschedule Your Ticket


Once purchased there are no refunds but your ticket can be transferred to another event if we are given notice within 48 hours after the event you paid for.

Paint & Cocktails reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to make changes from time to time and without notice in how Paint & Cocktails operates the Service.  Any description of how the Service works should not be considered a representation or obligation with respect to how the Service will always work, as Paint & Cocktails is constantly making adjustments to the Service and often these adjustments are not completely captured within these Terms.

Discounts.  All discount codes, Groupon, Wagjag, Lviving Social. Buytopia vouchers etc. are good at time of booking only. Discount codes and vouchers will not be honoured after the event.

Availability.  The availability of Paint & Cocktails events at particular venues will change from time to time and could potentially change on the day of the Event.  The availability of a specific artist/instructor at the Event may change at Paint & Cocktails’ sole discretion.  While Paint & Cocktails will endeavor to make the artist/instructor you have signed up for available for the Event, the artist/instructor may change at Paint & Cocktails’ sole discretion without notice to you.  .

Materials Provided.  Paint & Cocktails will provide all paints, canvasses, brushes, easels, and aprons (“Equipment”) for the Event.  While Paint & Cocktails maintains quality control over the materials it uses, the quality of the paint, canvasses, brushes, easels, aprons and artist may vary from event to event, and venue to venue, and may be affected by a variety of factors.


End result.  Paint & Cocktails makes no representations or warranties about the quality of any painting or individual experience at the Event.  Every painting will be unique, and the expectation that your painting will be a facsimile of the painting depicted on the Website is patently absurd.


Start Time.  Paint & Cocktails will make every effort to begin the instruction at the designated start time and complete the instruction in under two hours.  However, the time it takes to begin and complete the instruction will vary based on a number of factors, and Paint & Cocktails makes no representation as to the exact amount of instruction time at the Event.


Capacity Limitations.  You may not be able to attend the Event due to capacity limitations of the venue where the Event takes place.  Paint & Cocktails recommends that you  arrive at the venue at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the Event.