Become a Venue (DMS)

Become a Venue

Take advantage of this social trend.

We'll transform your dining space into an event of painting customers.


What are the perks of being a venue?

• Events lasting 2 hours, approximately 7 – 9 PM on a night of your choice.

• Events will occur twice a month, free of charge to you

• Your expected revenue for the evening is patron’s purchases of drinks plus any food items.

• All the art material is sold to customers through us

• Exposure to a new and potentially repeat, customer base.

I already have an event coming up, now what?

• Grouping of tables and chairs for 15 – 20 people. 

• Tables cleared of condiments, plates and cutlery (we put plastic table cloths to protect the tables)

• Pitchers of tap water, to fill provided water cups

• Having a server is recommended, as there is typically a rush in the first 45 minutes of the event

• Lighting: the brighter the better!

• Please turn down the music a notch, so our artist’s instructions can be heard.

Tell Us about Your Venue!

Your venue MUST be in Ontario to be able to partner with us.
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